Solving Vibrational Disconnects

How to Live in Grace and Love with Those Who are Not Resonating at your Frequency or on the same page :-)

(You could also call this thriving during the holidays)

Dr. Karen Vizer and Anne Walsh are offering for the first time a fun filled and transformational fr*ee tele-seminar on Tuesday December 2, 2008 at 11 AM Pacific time.

We are exploring Levels of Consciousness and how to create the environments that completely support you in living at the highest levels of consciousness possible.

Why would you want to live at higher levels of consciousness? Lots of reasons come to mind . . .

But how about these for starters?

Feeling at peace no matter what is happening externally

Experiencing joy, gratitude and appreciation as your default state

Easily and effortlessly making the changes that support who you are at your best

Enjoying the people who are on a different page, different chapter or even a different book..without being distressed by them.

AND itís more fun to live without the ties to ways of being that are not serving you.

We will share the proven tools and processes that you can implement immediately to bring more grace, peace and love into your life. (These very tools and processes will reduce the levels of stress you are currently experiencing too!)

Learn how to raise your vibration and level of consciousness by joining us on this call. Are you curious about your vibratrional frequency and your level of consciousness. Learn how you can find out what they are!

Join us:
Tuesday December 2, 2008 at 11 AM Pacific time

You can participate via webcast or tele-conference line. If you cannot make the call it will be recorded and you can listen later and get all the benefits of being on the call. But you must register.

Reserve your space today with the webform below:
*You will be sent the bridge number and dial in instructions. We are recording the call so if you can’t be here go ahead and register and we will send you the information to access the recorded version.*


P.S. We usually run out of bridge lines for the calls so join us on the bridge line a few minutes early to insure your participation.